One Voice delves into the lives of four Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir members and artistic director Terrance Kelly. This film illuminates a group of people from diverse faiths, races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and lifestyles, all with a common goal: to bring joy and inspiration to the stage through black gospel music. By coming from a place of inclusion and acceptance, choir members are able to bridge their differences, embracing the celebrations and challenges that arise along the way.

Gospel music is a rich tradition born from the African-American spiritual during America's slavery period and the civil rights movement. Slaves used gospel to cope through the misery of bondage and civil rights activists sang gospel music to urge action and find courage. In the midst of a country that again finds itself grappling with issues of race, gender equality, and intolerance, a group in Oakland, California, continues the rich historical tradition of using music to promote peace, love, and acceptance. 

With a rich history that spans three decades, OIGC has inspired audiences all over the world. The choir delivers its world-class music across the globe, thrilling concert attendees at renowned venues such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Molde International Jazz Festival. Yet it stays true to its Oakland roots, lifting the spirits of the homeless, elderly, and inmates throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From its humble beginning to OIGC’s 30th anniversary celebration on the historic Paramount Theatre stage, this choir continues to circulate musical excellence through the manifestation of One Voice.


Director - Spencer Wilkinson
Editor - Jesse Andrew Clark
Executive Producer - Mark DeSaulnier
Consulting Producer - Jed Riffe
Aerial Cinematography & Assistant Cinematographer - Demondre Ward
Lead Cinematographer - Spencer Wilkinson
Contributing Cinematographer - Ayse Gursoz, Korise Jubert, Maria Long, Isa Chu & Nick Kasimatis
Assistant Editor - Tiffany Mascarenhas
Audiovisual Archivist - Marlene "Mo" Morris
Press Manager - Sandra Lawson-Ndu