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Quotes from Students about ONE VOICE:

“I was moved to tears multiple times, I was captivated from beginning to end and inspired by the messages within.”

“I was emotional from the get-go with the introduction of the choir because of how beautifully diverse they are! I was moved to tears numerous times with the showing of such deep and utter acceptance.”

“I think it’s so important for smaller communities, like ours, to see unity displayed this way.”

“I hope this documentary helps open up the eyes of so many people and maybe helps communities set up more opportunities such as this to bring communities closer.”

“I highly value the groups goals, to share, inspire, and instill hope into people who need. I believe that everyone could benefit from seeing this movie”

“I love this movie, for it made a full grown man cry, truly beautiful movie. Thank you.”

“I don’t enjoy religious talk or gospel music. This documentary was clearly about much more than I had anticipated. Religion is one of the biggest barriers in the world, seeing this interfaith choir with all different backgrounds, religions, race, etc. coming together as “one voice” was inspirational.”

“Viewing One Voice (while taking into account the precarious state of affairs in America) gave me chills.”

“To see such unabashed positivity in a group of people feels oddly rare in this day and age, and together with the heavenly, reassuring gospel music, I certainly left the viewing with a renewed understanding of the importance of community and belonging.”

“Seeing so many people singing as one is awe-inspiring because it shows that humans are capable of beautiful things when we work together and empower one another. The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir makes community seem like one of the most vital life forces we as humans possess.”